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BRUGGE I   6 – 13 Juli 2019 I

45th International Early Music Course 


500 years of cori spezzati in Europe

The unheard-of sound experience of 3D-sound

Probably based on the responding choral chant of the 15th century the first multi-choral music in Padua and Venice was composed 500 years ago.

Singers versus ..

Composers such as Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli, Alessandro Grandi, Gioseffo Guami, Lodovico Viadana and Pietro Lappi experimented with the unprecedented possibilities of space. But also Orlando di Lasso, Phillip de Monte, Adriaen Willaert or not least Hans Leo Hassler, Michael Praetorius, Johann Hermann Schein, Samuel Scheidt, Heinrich Schütz and others appreciated the effect of spatially distributed ensembles.

... strings versus ...

Last but not least, the special architecture of the church space was used as an extension and enrichment of the sound: singers and instrumentalists played alone, with and even against each other in groups on different galleries and places in the church.



... wind instruments?

The sounds of distributed vocal and instrumental groups are connected with the proportions of the architectural space. The listeners, but also the singers and instrumentalists themselves experience a completely complex feeling of space through the change of the sounds distributed throughout the room.

... or all of them together?

Depending on the musical abilities and instrumentation of the participants, works by different composers in different instrumentations will be prepared. Music will be played together in the plenum as well as in small groups (singers, wind instruments, strings). There is also the possibility of individual lessons.

The course takes place in the World Heritage City of Brugge.

Final concert

The prepared music will be performed on Friday, 12 July at 20:00 at the Sint-Annakerk in Bruggee as part of a final concert.